Foolish Youth

by Devon More

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released April 7, 2014

Recorded January 2014 at Home Records in Vancouver, BC
Production: Adam’s Sound
All songs written by Devon More
(Adrift co-written by Josiah Jay Wilson)
Album Artwork: Brenna Stonehocker

For Benjamin, my vitamin B



all rights reserved


Devon More Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Unexpected
I am falling; I am falling down; I am falling down the rabbit hole after you.
I am wanting; I am wanting you; I am wanting you to find me lovely.
I am giving; I am giving up; I am giving up on playing down this crush.

Uncharacteristically, I’ve lost all my sensibility.
Despite the trouble I am making, I just gotta say something incriminating:
I can’t get you out of my head.
How dare you be so unexpected?

I am romantic; I am romantically inept; I am romantically inept and so ill-equipped to deal with this.
I am tragic; I am tragically aware; I am tragically aware of every word I say when you are there.
I am perfect; I am perfectly doomed; I am perfectly doomed and so long overdue to get ruined by you.


I’ll let you string me along, if you let me start this all wrong,
And yes, it’s true: I am trying to seduce you.

Are you falling? Are you falling down? Are you falling down the rabbit hole with me?
Track Name: Foolish Youth
There’s no place like a barstool.
There’s no place like a rock pool.
There’s no place like a cliff-side view.
There’s no place like my bedroom.

Little Miss: you are gonna wish that it was still right now some day soon.
But there’s no time; there’s no time like your foolish youth.

There’s no place like a lucid dream.
There’s no place like a wave that's green.
There’s no place like a cobblestone street.
There’s no place like a sunflower field.


There’s no place like dawn.
There’s no place like thirst.
There’s no place like jumping in when your style is head first.

There’s no place like rain.
There’s no place like art.
There’s no place like heartache when you just can't bear to be apart.
Track Name: Summertime
Summertime: the living’s easy.
I don’t mind, how you tease me.
You may find, in summertime, you’re my weakness.

Summertime: the living’s easy.
With that smile, release me.
It’s a crime, in summertime, not to please me.

It’s your destiny to be next to me.

Surrender, don’t forget:
The splendor, heaven sent.
Remember: surrender; your match is met.

It’s your destiny to be next to me in the summertime.

Winter’s chill is bound to miss spring fling bliss.
Summer’s last wish is for autumn’s first kiss.
It’s your destiny to be next to me...

In the summertime; the living’s easy.
Miles high, in the deep sea.
So sublime, in summertime, to call you mine.
Track Name: Adrift
Well the clouds were good and high where I was,
And they dominated all they passed for hours, and hours turned to days.
And a ceiling like that deserves the rain to justify its being.
But this story ain’t about the sky.

And our ship - she stood tall in the doldrums,
And that big blue hand did nothing else but hold us, and hold us there for days.
And the ocean seemed bored without the waves to tickle up her skin.
But this story ain’t about the sea.

And this story ain’t about the wind.
It’s about this predicament I’m in: shackled to this break.
Good lord, don’t offend the queen.

And the moon, she grew young and restless.
And the tide swung high and low to test us, slicing through the days.
And the constellations floated far away, curtained by the mist;
All of us - adrift.
Track Name: Blindside
Welcome to our home - and mortgage.
Don’t you just love me life? Thanks! I bought it.
Validation comes with a price - and I’ve got the credit to spend it twice.

Everything is fine -
As long as everything is mine.
Everything is fine if everything is mine,
I am living on the blindside.

Did you see my new personality?
It’s written all over everything I’m wearing.
It’s not my identity - unless it comes with a receipt.


My first world taste, makes first class waste.
And here at the vanity fair - we don’t care!

Track Name: Don't Go
Once again, here I am, on my own.
Once again, tongue-tied, staring at a gaping hole.
And when I said what I said, I meant it.
But you should know, what I really meant to say was: don’t go.

Stop leaving your big shoes behind.
They’re laced with loose ends that refuse to be tied.
And when I said you were annoying, I meant it.
But you should know, what I really meant to say was: don’t go.

Yes, I guess it’s about that time, when I begin to flatline -

I’m falling apart because it took forever
Until we could finally start falling…
Falling together.

That’s funny, how we end up:
Half a pair of lovers, crying on a night bus.
And when I asked you where the summer went, I meant it.
But you should know, what I really meant to ask was: how could you possibly go?
Track Name: One More
One more for those like me, who have a tendency to drink a little too much.
One more for those like me, who are notoriously bad at saying no to drugs.
For pocket rockets that don’t deliver, for luck each time you hit the river,
Come on, come on, let’s drink one more.

One more for the white knight, who never could quite get his armour shining.
One more for the damsel in distress a little less, since she quit whining.
For the hopeless romantics, for the king of semantics,
Come on, come on, let’s drink one more.

Let’s all drink one more.
Let’s drink one more with the people we adore.
Let’s drink one more to remember the last summer we may ever spend together.
Come on, come on, let’s drink one more.

One more for those who are full of beans, for those who are sick of turning green, for friends who choose to spoon, for World Cups that end far too soon,
For last call at Kaffee Burger, for the BBC World Service, for the doubly short-sighted, for birthday parties to which you’re not invited,
For chocolate bread and whiskey in bed, for the car wreck of a life you’ve led -
Come on, come on, you can always drink one more.

Track Name: Stonemate
When I am a trick, you are a treat.
When I am the bourbon, you are the street.
When I am a key, you are a lock.
And when I am a crocodile, you are my sun-baked rock.

You look like risky business,
In bed with those sunglasses.
Rolling with my stonemate.

When I am Proud Mary, you are the river.
When I am a tremble, you are the shiver.
When I am a phone, you are the pizza.
And when I am the indica, you know you’re the sativa.

You look like risky business,
In bed with those sunglasses.
Sleep late;
Rolling with my stonemate.

When I am a tadpole, you are the pond.
When I am a chameleon, you are my camouflage.
When I am a smitten kitten, you are my catnip.
And when I am reptilian, you are the acid trip.